Whether you need it for work or play, indoors or outdoors, freezing cold temps mean you need cold weather gear that doesn’t take any slush. It can be hard to find cold weather clothes designed for women but we’ve got you covered! Read on to find cold weather gear that’s the perfect fit for you and how you plan to use it.

Woman working in a cold storage warehouse wears insulated work overalls and gloves.

Workin’ Up a Sweat Indoors: Advice for Working in Cold Storage (0°F to 32°F)

Working in and out of freezers is never easy, but it can be especially challenging when your job requires a lot of physical activity that raises your body temperature and leaves you wondering—what the heck gear do I need? Cold weather work gear for women not only needs to keep you warm, it also needs to keep you comfortable and give you the flexibility to be active during a long workday.

Here are some head-to-toe recommendations to keep you working comfortably:

A workwear essential, the best place to start for women’s cold weather work gear is a pair of insulated bib overalls. The Women’s Insulated Softshell Bib Overalls have a comfort rating of -20°F, two hand-warmer pockets and heel reinforcement patches so you don’t have to worry about wearing holes in them as you walk literal miles around the warehouse every day.

Add the Women’s Insulated Softshell Jacket, a thermal work jacket for women that's also comfort rated for -20°F conditions, when you’ve slowed down enough that your body temp starts to drop. The inset thumbhole cuffs help keep out the cold and silver reflective piping keeps you seen and safe.

Keep your head, neck and ears protected with the verstatile Convertible Balaclava that keeps you warm no matter what environment you find yourself in. It’s a true multi-tasker, just like you, working as a face mask, gaiter or full balaclava.

When your shift requires the strength and resilience of a superhero, you need the Women’s Black Widow Boot. These insulated safety toe work boots are so comfortable, the men you work with will be jealous! They’ve got an ASTM composite safety toe, plus they're waterproof and are electrical hazard compliant.

Woman driving a forklift in a cold storage warehouse wears insulated bibs and a work coat.

In the Driver’s Seat: Advice for Working in Freezers (-50°F to 0°F)

If your job doesn’t require much movement, like a forklift driver, subzero temps can feel even colder. This is when you need some serious cold weather gear to keep you warm even when you’re not producing much body heat.

Here are some head-to-toe recommendations to keep you working comfortably:

Looking for the best women’s insulated coveralls? Unisex Iron-Tuff® Coveralls are available in sizes XS to 5XL to help you get the best fit. Plus, they'll keep you warm down to -50°F.

If it's a jacket you're looking for, the Women's Two-Tone HiVis Insulated Softshell Jacket will protect you from temps as low as -20°F. This women's work jacket has a silver twill heat-reflecting lining, inset thumb-hole cuffs and a drawcord at the waist to make sure your body heat stays in and the biting cold stays out. It's also the perfect length, falling at the waist so it won't get in the way when you need to bend or sit.

Keep your head protected without using a hood that can block your peripheral vision. This 4-in-1 Convertible Balaclava has you covered as you move through different environments throughout your day. Use it to protect your ears and nose or convert to a gaiter to cool down when you need to.

Stay comfortable on your feet all shift long with the waterproof Women’s PolarForce® Hiker Boot. These women's insulated safety toe boots keep your feet warm down to -30°F and the Vibram® Dual Density outsole with Ice Trek™ gives you plenty of traction to be surefooted whether you're walking on freezing warehouse floor or an icy loading dock.

Woman plays in snow wearing insulated gloves and snow bibs.

Snow Day: Advice for Working Outdoors (0°F to 32°F)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but you still have to get the work done—or maybe build a snowman with the kids? Either way, what gear should you wear when you’re determined not to let the snow stop you?

Here are some head-to-toe recommendations to keep you working (or playing!) comfortably:

Performance-Flex on the sides of our Women’s Diamond Quilted Bib Overalls lets you move to shovel snow or throw a snowball, whichever is on your to-do list for the day, and above-knee leg zippers make it easy to get those snowy boots on and off.

The Women’s Extreme Sweater Jacket is a durable all-around winter jacket that keeps out the snow and wind with a water-repellent, wind-tight finish, adjustable cuffs and a draw cord at the bottom to keep cold air out. The snap-on hood add extra protection when you need it and reflective silver piping helps keep you seen and safe on winter days when the sun sets all too soon.

Snow boots don’t get much better than these Women’s Black Widow Boots! Waterproof, warm enough for negative digits and with an IceTrek® outsole to make sure you don’t slip on the ice hidden by a fresh layer of snow.

Woman shoveling snow wears Iron-Tuff insulated work coat and work bibs.

Freezin’ Your Ass Off: Advice for Working Outdoors (-50°F to 0°F)

When temperatures dip into negative digits your snow gear just won’t cut it. You need heavy-duty cold weather gear to keep you warm, even with a windchill that makes you wince.

Here's our toughest gear for women working in harsh, cold conditions:

Winter work jackets don’t come any tougher than the Women’s Iron-Tuff® Coat. Comfort rated for a whopping -50°F, this heavy duty winter work jacket has an outershell of tear- and abrasion-resistant 400 denier nylon, so it’ll last season after season, and the tapered waist with elastic back band helps keep the wind from sneaking in to give you a chill.

The knit side gussets on the insulated Women’s Iron-Tuff® Bib Overalls offer a better fit and thigh-high leg zippers make getting in and out of these a breeze.

Don’t mess around with that windchill—get a balaclava that will keep your face from freezing over. Get the Extreme Hooded Balaclava. Trust us, your nose and ears will thank you!

Our Women’s PolarForce® Hiker Boots are waterproof, comfort rated for -30°F and they include the VitaComfort system to keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long. These are your new go-to snow boots!

Woman working outdoors wears insulated work jacket and gloves.

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Finding cold weather work gear for women has never been easy, but these recommendations will set you up for a warm winter and a lot of quality work getting done right. Check out more of our cold weather gear for women!