Guest post by Suzanne Chandler from Flower Feather Farm

Last month it got down to -17°F with windchill and even though I wore silk longjohns under my wool longjohns under my leggings & flannel shirt under my ski pants under my ski overalls under my down vest under my down coat and accessorized with wool socks, gloves, hat, and neck gaiter, I was still getting chilled and had to come in mid-chores and warm up and go out again.

Then my friend Mary Lou told me about RefrigiWear® and their cold weather gear for women. I ordered the Iron-Tuff® Insulated Bib Overalls for Women rated to -50° F and then of course the weather warmed up.

Until today. Today we had snow and below freezing temps and a stiff wind and I got to try them out. Game changed! They are amazing. The wind didn’t bite through and I was perhaps a little too warm, which is a good problem as I can easily shed layers and it was only 30° F today. I know they will be perfect next time it dips below 0° F.

Favorite Features of the Iron-Tuff® Women’s Insulated Bib Overalls

I really like that these women’s insulated bib overalls zip up the front which gives them a snugger fit than normal overalls, and the horizontal strap in the back keeps the straps from sliding off my shoulder. In addition, the legs both zip and snap, so if I had needed to wear my super-duper snow boots, I would have had access to them. It’s such a pain to be all bundled up and then have to roll one’s pant legs up in order to tie one’s boots.

RefrigiWear® is not sold in stores, so that helps with the prices — no brick-and-mortar store or hourly retail employees to support. And their entire focus is on durable gear to keep us warm when we have to work outside in the cold — not on fashion (obviously, but the chickens don’t care what I wear as long as I bring food).

Original post: RefrigiWear, February 15, 2024, by Suzanne Chandler

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