Lance Pekus, Cowboy Ninja, works on his ranch wearing insulated workwear from RefrigiWear.


A Warrior to Master the Cold

Tough-guy Lance Pekus is everything boys want to be when they grow up. He’s a rancher, a real-life cowboy ninja, a proud husband and a father of two small children. But if that’s not enough to give Lance a badass reputation, he does it all in the toughest conditions. On his family’s ranch in Idaho, he works outside in below freezing temperatures all winter long, cold be damned, and relies on the toughest farmwear to help him do it.

“There are no snow days out here on the ranch. People depend on you – the animals depend on you – to do the job so there’s no waiting it out. They trust me to take care of them. I get out there and get to work,” says Pekus.

Lance works on the ranch in insulated workwear from RefrigiWear.

Hard, cold work on the farm is nothing new. Lance has worked here since he was 18. “I fell in love with the lifestyle. There’s something satisfying about spending a day working hard. The calluses on my hands… they’re a badge of honor around here.”

Roping, wrangling and riding (and the occasional backflip while training as the Cowboy Ninja on American Ninja Warrior) keep him busy, no matter the conditions.

“My techniques have gotten better over the years for sure, but the cold remains the same. Nothing prepares you for it,” Pekus explains.

Lance Pekus has a little fun on the ranch .

Shop Lance's Must-Have Cold Weather Gear

Lance trusts RefrigiWear® gear to keep him warm when it matters most. “There’s one of two ways this can go. Either I’m out there miserable in the cold or I can stay warm and comfortable and have some fun while I work. I choose fun so I throw on my RefrigiWear gear and get to it.”

Extreme Sweater Jacket

Work hard. Look good. Tough enough for work on the ranch but comfortable enough to wear all day. With protection against freezing temps, the job’s done when you say it’s done. This jacket isn’t just farmwear—it pulls double duty as Lance’s go-to winter jacket on and off the ranch.

PolarForce® Jacket

When the temps drop but there’s still work to be done, Lance turns to his PolarForce® Jacket. It’s designed for doing it all. With Performance-Flex at the elbows, under arm and back for better movement and Grip Assist on the sleeves, he can keep hold of bags and barrels easier. The MVP of jackets when it comes to taking on more on the ranch, this bad boy protects down to -40°F.

Iron-Tuff® Coveralls with Hood

Winters are more than a little cold in Idaho. In fact, they’re almost unbearable. Not for Lance. He gears up with full body protection in his Iron-Tuff® Coveralls with Hood. We’re talking protection from temps as low as -50°F and all the wind and rain Mother Nature can dish out. Extreme durability, legendary warmth – Iron-Tuff® is the original way to Master the Cold®.