Cold conditions can't compete with you and the durable, do-it-all protection of Premium Jackets from RefrigiWear®. Each jacket was engineered with your comfort in mind and with superior features and materials that bring the heat every time you go to work.

Durable, Flexible Outershell

Whether you're working year-round in a freezer or putting your gear through the wringer on a frigid outdoor job site, Premium Jackets from RefrigiWear are built to handle long, hard days year after year without snagging, tearing or breaking down. Each style has a durable, flexible outershell that holds up to tough jobs like yours without limiting your freedom to move. The 54 Gold Jacket, PolarForce® Jacket and PolarForce® Parka also include Performance-Flex panels to boost your flexibility.

Wind-Tight, Water-Repellent Finish

Weather forecasters are notorious for being wrong. Make the right call and prepare yourself for whatever Mother Nature throws at you with wind-tight, water-repellent finishes on all our Premium Jackets. Or, go all-in on outworking every forecast with the complete waterproof protection of the ErgoForce® Waterproof Insulated Jacket so even howling winds and driving rain won't send you running for cover.

Protected Pockets

What's worse than losing your keys on the job site? Losing your phone, too. Stow all your essentials, and even small tools, in one of several zipper-protected pockets on our Premium Jackets and your stuff will stay secure no matter what the day holds. If you're always running out of pockets on the job, check out the Extreme Hooded Jacket with a total of 8 handy pockets.

Handwarmer Pockets

We take pockets pretty seriously around here. When you work with your hands all shift long, you need space to secure your stuff, but you also need free pockets for warming up your hands. Look for hidden handwarmer pockets tucked into the PolarForce® Parka, 54 Gold Jacket, ErgoForce® Waterproof Insulated Jacket and Freezer Edge® Jacket. These hidden gems offer convenient warmth without having to pull a zipper or unsnap a flap.

High Neck for Extra Warmth

You might not be working the kind of job that requires a tie, but you'll definitely want something around your neck when the temps drop. Premium Jackets from RefrigiWear® include high collars that stand up to stiff winds and keep the cold from creeping down your back. Choose the 54 Gold Jacket when you want the soft warmth of a faux-fur collar or reach for the Freezer Edge® Jacket when you need a high-visibility work jacket that repels dirt and grime.

Adjustable, Draft-Sealing Cuffs

When it comes to cuffs, it's good to have options. Premium Jackets from RefrigiWear® offer a selection of cuffs, so you can choose the right fit for the job at hand. When conditions are really windy, double up with the protection of adjustable outer cuffs over snug, knit cuffs on the Extreme Softshell Jacket, Extreme Hooded Jacket, PolarForce® Jacket, PolarForce® Parka, Women's PolarForce® Parka, ErgoForce® Waterproof Jacket, or the 3-in-1 Rainwear Jacket.

If you prefer the customizable fit of an adjustable cuff without an inner cuff, try the HiVis Insulated Softshell Jacket, Two-Tone HiVis Insulated Jacket, or the Women's Extreme Sweater Jacket. If you prefer the snug-yet-flexible fit of inset cuffs, try the 54 Gold Jacket, Frostline® Jacket, ChillShield® Jacket or Freezer Edge® Jacket.

Toughest Jackets on the Job

When you're facing down the cold, you can't get the job done without a warm, dependable work jacket. Premium Jackets from RefrigiWear are tougher than everything so you can do anything. Get a rugged jacket built to fit your specific working conditions that's durable enough to last season after season when you shop Premium Jackets from RefrigiWear®.