Whether you’re facing freezing temperatures or just want to protect your head, high-performance headwear is a must for many of today’s job sites.


To succeed, you’ve gotta use your head—but you’ve gotta protect it too! Whether you’re facing frigid temperatures or a few bumps and knocks, high-performance headwear is a must-have for many of today’s job sites. And it’s not just for work, either. Outdoor sports often need warm and weatherproof protective gear. So what makes RefrigiWear’s headwear options industry leaders? We engineer our products to be more reliable, more protective and maybe even just better looking.

Keeping Your Head Warm

Although the old wives’ tale about losing half your heat through your head has been shown to be a little off-base, your head is still vulnerable to losing heat.

Subcutaneous fat, the insulating stuff that’s in your legs, arms and other parts of your body, is really helpful in keeping you warm, but your head has very little of it. Blood vessels in other parts of your body tend to constrict when they get cold so they can redistribute the blood to vital organs, like the brain and heart, that need it more. So, your head keeps giving off heat even while the rest of your body is keeping it under wraps.

Because of this blood flow effect, lack of warmth in your head can signal other blood vessels to constrict. That means that even when you’re bundled up everywhere else, a cold head can reduce your blood flow in your fingers, toes and other areas.

Wearing a hat is essential for keeping your body warm because it reduces the amount of heat escaping from your head. And when you’re selecting a hat for warmth, it pays to go for the best materials. Wool is effective, but it can quickly turn from a positive to a negative when it gets wet. Many of our customers have warmed up to knit caps or other headwear made with synthetic fabrics because they’re better equipped for different weather conditions.

Injury Protection for Your Head

If you’re working on an industrial job site without a hard hat, you’re doing more than not fitting in—you might be breaking OSHA rules as well. A quality hard hat is critical for keeping your head safe and protecting you from devastating head injuries, not to mention staying OSHA-compliant.

Polyethylene is the industry standard for a durable and protective hard hat—it’s a high-density plastic that’s known for absorbing impacts well while being relatively light. To make sure your hard hat gives you the protection you need, look for a hat that’s compliant with the ANSI Z89.1 standard. Finally, make sure you’re not reusing hard hats that have taken a hit. Even if the damage isn’t visible, the protection might not be as great as it once was.

Headwear Options from RefrigiWear®

RefrigiWear® proudly makes it easy to find work and outdoor headwear that’s safe, well-made and looks good. From beanies to hard hats and everything in between, we’ve got the headwear selection that will keep you warm and protected.

Our favorite fusion of style and warmth, the ChillBreaker™ Cap is a cost-effective knit cap with a thick acrylic knit that stops the cold in its tracks. For extra safety, our knit process weaves special reflective yarn into the cap to make you more visible on the job. This cap is a favorite for refrigerated warehouse workers, airport tarmac workers, farmhands and many others.

Made to work with our legendary Iron-Tuff® Collection, these snap-on hoods create a new level of warmth for your jacket or coveralls. Combining high-tech RefrigiFill™ insulation with a water-repellent and wind-tight design, it keeps your head in the game and out of the elements.

A classic work-ready hard hat available in all different colors. Its seriously tough build meets the ANSI Z89.1 standard, and an adjustable ratchet system creates a better fit for any head size. It includes a brow pad to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes and help your head stay drier.

The ultimate combo for warmth and impact protection, the Hard Hat Balaclava is your best friend on a frigid job site. It’s got two layers of acrylic knit material for serious warmth wherever you go, and best of all, the long neck and snug fit over hard hats lock out the cold and give you real comfort.

Shop Insulated Headwear

No matter what kind of weather or situation you’re dealing with, RefrigiWear has the essential headgear to keep you warm. We’ve got over 60 years of experience in creating the best head protection around—and we know once you try it, you’ll never go back.