There’s nothing like putting in a hard day’s work or checking off a tough job on your to-do list. But when the day calls for working out in the cold, tough jobs become brutal, projects last longer and you have to deal with every miserable second of it. Wimpy box-store sweatshirts aren’t going to cut it when it comes to the demands of your job.

Best Thermal Hoodies to Keep You Warm in Cold Weather

We rounded up 5 top-rated best work sweatshirts to give you hard-working, flexible protection that keeps up as the temps fall this season.

Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt

It takes one of two things to work in extreme cold – superhuman strength or this Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt.

It brings extreme warmth with three layers of heat-trapping materials, so you stay comfortable and focused on the task at hand. But, all this warmth means nothing if you can’t work in it. This work sweatshirt’s got what it takes with Performance-Flex at the elbows to help you move better and abrasion-resistant patches on arms and front pocket pouch so it’s tough-work proof.

54 Gold Hybrid Sweatshirt

Warmth and comfort are like gold for folks working in cold, brutal conditions, and that's just what you'll find in the 54 Gold Hybrid Sweatshirt.

With three layers, including 120g of our eco-friendly AirBlaze® insulation, this sweatshirt keeps you working without weighing you down. The 54 Gold Hybrid Sweatshirt is designed with your work in mind and offers a chest pocket with flap closure, a 2-stall pencil pocket on the sleeve, abrasion-resistant panels on the hand-warmer pockets and Grip Assist on the sleeves. Plus, the full-zip closure, drawstring hood with high neck, and thumbholes in the cuffs seal out chilly drafts so you can stay focused on the job, not the temperature.

PolarForce® Sweatshirt

Fall mornings feeling more like Winter? You’ve got it handled in the best sweatshirt for work. Grip Assist silicon dots on the sleeves on the PolarForce® Sweatshirt act as an extra set of hands, so you don’t drop the ball while getting the job done.

The extras are all over this sweatshirt. Extra warmth with 3 layers of protection to keep you moving in the cold. Extra comfort with soft, yet durable material that gets you to the finish line with ease. Extra performance with Performance-Flex at the elbows so nothing holds you back from MVP status.

Need the extra protection of HiVis? We’ve got that too. The PolarForce® Sweatshirt is also available in HiVis to keep you working and help you stand out when you need it most.

Freezer Edge® Hooded Sweatshirt

Hard work doesn’t have to look it. Turn heads on the job while kicking butt in this crazy warm, crazy comfortable sweatshirt.

Hard-working from every angle, the Freezer Edge® Hooded Sweatshirt’s got HiVis panels on the shoulders to help you stand out, Grip Assist on sleeves to prevent anything from falling through your grasp and tough, durable abrasion-resistant panels that can take a beating without fraying.

Frostline® Sweatshirt

Load. Unload. Repeat. Nothing puts your sweats to the test like high-impact tasks. Thanks to tough, abrasion-resistant patches on the front pocket and shoulders, you can carry, stack and shoulder whatever the day holds without wearing out your Frostline® Sweatshirt. And warm? You bet. Three heat-trapping layers keep you comfortable and warm, even in the worst kind of cold.

Bonus points: it’s also super lightweight, so you can keep at it until the job is done without extra bulk weighing you down.

RefrigiWear® Thermal Hoodies

Say goodbye to the run-of-the-mill sweatshirts that can’t keep up. Our hoodies are the real deal when it comes to staying warm.

Throw on a RefrigiWear® Hoodie when the weather’s chilly for instant warmth. For colder weather, upgrade to our Thermal Lined Hoodie. This baby’s got two warm layers: a heavy-duty outershell that stands up to really tough jobs and a warm, thermal knit lining for extra warm, extra comfort when you need. Both hoodies are preshrunk, so you won’t have to worry about them losing their fit as you wash and wear.

Hang Tough with Hardworkin’ Hoodies

When everyone’s counting on you, you can’t be bogged down by workwear that can’t keep up. You need the reliable comfort, warmth and rugged protection of the best sweatshirt for work. Shop the full collection of RefrigiWear® fleece and sweats and stand up to falling temps this season.