Ever been working in subzero temps and you try using a touchscreen, forgetting your oversized insulated gloves are in the way? Nothing is more frustrating than having to take your gloves off over and over in the cold just to do your job!

Well, get ready to discover three surprising ways insulated touchscreen gloves will revolutionize your workday!

1. Insulated Touchscreen Gloves Limit Your Exposure to Freezing Temps

Using a touchscreen might be an important part of your job, but you should never have to expose your hands to subzero temperatures to do it.

With gloves that work with a touchscreen or keypad easily, you’re protecting your health and your hands by eliminating the need to remove your gloves over and over again.

The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for performance. With gloves like the Extreme Freezer Glove with Touch-Rite Nib that are rated to protect your hands in temps as low as -30°F, RefrigiWear® offers maximum protection from the cold while you get the job done.

2. Touchscreen Gloves Boost Your Productivity

You might not realize it, but the time it takes to take off your insulated gloves and put them back on adds up. With gloves that work with a touchscreen or keypad, you’ll save this time and get more done more quickly.

These gloves also let you stay focused on what you’re doing instead of repeatedly having your concentration interrupted with the need to take the gloves off. Your insulated workwear should work with you, not against you.

3. Extend the Life of Your Insulated Work Gloves

All too often, frustrated folks try a DIY fix for using a touchscreen in the cold, like cutting holes in the fingertips of gloves. Tampering with insulated workwear like that not only exposes you to dangerous temperatures, but it also shortens the life of your gloves. Tearing your gloves off quickly when you’re in a hurry can also cause additional wear and tear.

Device-ready insulated work gloves from RefrigiWear® deliver quality and durability in gloves that don’t compromise warmth for function. In addition to traditional touchscreen gloves, we also have exclusive nib systems to kick the performance up a notch: the Key-Rite Nib and the Touch-Rite Nib, which make using a touchscreen or keypad with your gloves on even easier.

Check out all RefrigiWear® insulated gloves with touchscreen compatibility and get ready to see how one little nib can make a big difference in your workday!