When it comes to cold weather workwear, nothing provides better coverage and protection than insulated bib overalls. But with so much riding on the performance of your workwear, it’s important that you find the best insulated bib overalls for the job.

Here are four things to consider when you’re shopping for the best work overalls:

How Will You Use Your Bib Overalls?

It’s really important that you think about what you’ll be using your snow bibs for when choosing your insulated bib overalls. This will help you decide which features are most important.

People who work on farms and ranches, in a mechanic’s shop or in any warehouse job usually need greater freedom of movement. These folks need flexible, water-resistant and breathable bibs that don’t add bulkiness that could make movements stiff or awkward.

If you’re working outdoors in the cold, like on a construction site, you might need high-visibility snow bibs that help you stay seen and stay safe, in addition to staying warm. Look for bright colors, reflective tape that is bonded to the fabric for maximum durability and that meet any ANSI or safety standards required on your job site.

How Cold Is It and How Active Are You?

Choosing the best work overalls for your job depends partly on your work conditions and how active you are on the job.

For example, a road worker holding a sign all day in -10°F with strong winds will need much warmer insulated bib overalls than someone doing manual labor in temps hovering just below freezing. If you’re going to be more active for most of the day, you’ll need less insulation because you’ll be generating more of your own body heat.

One way to compare the relative warmth of different snow bibs is to compare the insulating power. Insulating power can range from 200g to over 1000g (measured in gram weights). In general, the higher the number, the more insulation your clothing will provide. RefrigiWear makes it easy to compare by publishing Comfort Ratings on insulated clothing.

Also, keep in mind that sweat can cool your body if it’s trapped next to your skin. Look for bib overall features such as front and side zippers that provide extra ventilation when work starts heating up.

What Size Overalls Do You Need?

If this is your first time buying insulated bib overalls, you might not be sure how to get the right fit. Sizing can vary widely by brand, so it’s important to check the size chart and follow the instructions to get the right fit. Ideally, the best work overalls will fit comfortably without being too tight. If your measurements are between sizes, it’s usually best to order one size larger.

If you need help figuring out how to measure yourself for insulated bib overalls, watch the video below or contact the RefrigiWear Customer Service Team.

Do You Need Special Features?

Depending on your job and activities, the best pair of bib overalls for you might include special features that help you move or make you more comfortable at work.

For example, you might need performance stretch fabric at the knees, waist or back to make moving a little easier. You might need a specially cut low-bib overall if you’ll be bending or sitting though your shift. Having many pockets or tool loops might be important if you need to keep small tools handy on the job. If you spend your shift crawling around or brushing up against equipment, you might want reinforced knee patches or abrasion-resistant fabrics.

The one thing you don’t need when shopping for work overalls is a wimpy pair of snow bibs that were designed for playing in the cold. Most of that gear doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of standing up to the kind of tough work you’re doing. Be sure that whatever insulated bib overalls you choose were made for work.

Beat the Cold in Bib Overalls Built for Work

When you’re working in freezing temperatures, you need good insulation to keep you warm and protected as you get the job done. Whether you’re searching for an insulated softshell or heavy-duty bib overalls with unbeatable warmth, RefrigiWear has the workwear you need to stay warm and dry, day in and day out.