When you need to be at your best on the job, it’s important to make sure nothing can slow you down. Making small investments in better work gear can not only make your job easier but also increase your productivity. Waterproof work gloves are a great example of a small change that can make a big impact in productivity. Here are the top five things to look for when choosing the best waterproof gloves.

1. Heavy-Duty Waterproofing

If your gloves aren’t waterproof, they can quickly go from helping you to holding you back. Wet gloves get cold much more quickly, putting your hands in frostbite danger; plus they’re uncomfortable and hard to work in.

You might be thinking, "Why do I need waterproof gloves when temps are below freezing?" Body heat, friction and other factors will cause snow, frozen condensation and ice to melt. That’s why waterproof gloves are essential in lots of industries and why RefrigiWear deploys extreme waterproofing technology that meets the toughest performance standards.

Our Waterproof Abrasion Safety Gloves not only have a waterproof barrier, but they’ve also got a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your hands dry and warm inside the gloves. By pulling the moisture away from your skin, these gloves give you advanced comfort and moisture control that helps you be your most awesome at work. Rain and snow can do their worst, but RefrigiWear® waterproof gloves won’t let you down.

2. Pro-Level Temperature Protection

A pair of insulated gloves is a must-have for any work environment where you’ll deal with cold temperatures, whether it’s a farm or a warehouse. Your hands don't move as quickly when they get cold, so you’re risking both productivity and safety by working without insulated gloves.

The Waterproof Frostline Glove uses a fiberfill plus foam insulation with a tricot lining to provide ultimate warmth in temps down to -25°F. When the days are long and cold and testing your will to keep on going, these waterproof insulated work gloves will keep your hands dry, warm and safe.

3. Flexible Performance

For some jobs, you need gloves that give you the full range of movement. This is especially true if you work with heavy machinery, like food processors, mechanics or farmers. Your gloves shouldn’t just protect your hands—they should keep your hands working hard.

That’s why RefrigiWear® gloves are specially designed for hard-working power and flexibility. Whether it’s a latex coating better grip, like the Dual-Layer Waterproof Double Dip Glove, or a Performance-Flex design like the 54 Gold Gloves that give you all the stretch you need, our gloves are built with more features and more flex than others.

4. Comfort for the Long Haul

You’re committed to doing the job right no matter how long it takes. That means you need a pair of gloves that can handle extended wear. Insulated work gloves from RefrigiWear® have features designed not only to make them durable, but also to make them comfortable and easy to wear for however long you need them.

For example, our Dipped Leather Mitts and Latex-Coated Cowhide Freezer Gloves are rated for warmth in subzero temperatures and built with durable leather and heavy duty thread so they’ll keep working just as long and hard as you do.

Shop Waterproof and Insulated Work Gloves

Our waterproof work gloves give you great performance because they bring together key elements in their design. When you’ve got a waterproof barrier, high-tech insulation, flexibility and comfort-focused design working together, there’s no challenge that’s too big to take on!

Want to be more productive at work and get the protection you need to power through the most demanding environments? Then you want a pair of waterproof or insulated work gloves from RefrigiWear®. Check out our full selection of gloves to find the ones that will help you crank up your performance.