Person wearing impact protection insulated work gloves moves a large tire.


Whether you’re working with heavy machinery, sharp objects or biting cold, hand injuries on the job are something you don’t want to mess with. Unfortunately, they’re way too common in the trades, construction and manufacturing industries. You’ve gotta be good to your hands—they do a lot for you, so return the favor and keep them protected.

At RefrigiWear®, we know a great pair of gloves is a must-have for hands-on jobs, so we’ve spent decades creating the best selection of winter work gloves for every possible environment. You’ll find everything from basic light work gloves to heavy-hitters rated for sub-zero temperatures when you shop with us. We believe you don’t have to compromise protection or performance, and our gloves are out to prove it.

These 9 insulated work gloves from RefrigiWear are built to protect your hands from the dangers of your job:

Insulated Impact Pro Gloves

If you work in construction, heavy industry, or any other job where you’re dealing with dangerously heavy materials, your hands need heavy-duty protection. That’s why Insulated Impact Pro Gloves have built-in impact plates for your fingers, knuckles and the back of your hand. Combine that with serious dexterity, enhanced grip and our lightweight insulation, and you've got a glove that's built to overcome.

Insulated Cowhide Leather Gloves with Key-Rite Nib

This isn’t your grandpa’s glove. While our Insulated Cowhide Leather Glove is made with the same quality and durability that he expected from his gear, the Key-Rite Nib gives you modern functionality for today’s jobsite. Built into the index finger, the Key-Rite Nib means you can easily operate a keypad without ever having to remove your glove. Which is good, because with a glove this comfortable, you won’t want to. And if your jobsite is a little more old school, all of our Key-Rite and Touch-Rite insulated work gloves are also available without the nib.

Grip Gladiator Gloves

Want your glove to have so much grip you can climb walls? Well, we can't turn you into Spider-Man, but the Grip Gladiator Gloves come pretty close. With a fully silicone-coated palm, nothing is gonna slip past you. Plus, these gloves are built for industrial-strength warmth and durability, packing lightweight insulation and a reinforced thumb crotch. And they're designed with a closer fit, so you’re not slowed down by bulk.

PolarForce® Gloves

PolarForce® Gloves keep you warm down to an insane -30° without ever cramping your style. Built-in Performance-Flex panels across the knuckles and the pre-curved fit mean you keep dexterity and comfort. With silicone dots on the palm for grip assistance, you’ll never drop the ball, the box or anything else. Plus, it has touchscreen capability on the thumb and forefinger, so you’ll always be working smarter with PolarForce®.

Extreme Freezer Gloves

For those working in the truly brutal deep-freeze, Extreme Freezer Gloves have no equal. With a comfort rating of -30°, built-in impact protection, a Kevlar® thumb crotch and a synthetic leather palm with silicone grip, these gloves will keep you protected all the way to hell and back. These insulated work gloves are also available with Key-Rite and Touch-Rite nibs for easy device operation.

Waterproof Abrasion Safety Gloves

If there's anything worse than cold hands, it's cold and wet hands. Waterproof Abrasion Safety Gloves keep you dry and warm. A waterproof barrier and lining make these the weapon of choice for farmers, ranchers, or any other outdoor workers fighting off Old Man Winter.

Iron-Tuff® Insulated Leather Gloves

For over 65 years, the Iron-Tuff® name has stood for durable and rugged performance in the roughest conditions. Iron-Tuff® Insulated Leather Gloves are made with synthetic leather that’s 4 times stronger than natural leather. They’re tougher than anything the day can throw your way. Oh, and did we mention they’re comfort-rated to -30°F? When we say “tough,” we mean it.

Insulated 3-Finger Leather Mitts

There's no question that mittens offer the most warmth for your hands in frosty conditions, but sacrificing the dexterity of gloves can be a deal-breaker. With Insulated 3-Finger Leather Mitts, there's no sacrifice needed. You’ll get more flexibility than a standard mitt while keeping your hands warm in subzero conditions down to -25°F. You can chop wood, drive a fence post, or use whatever tools the job requires without freezing your fingers off.

Permaknit Cut Resistant Gloves

If you're working with glass, blades, or other sharp objects, you need special protection. Permaknit Cut Resistant Gloves are made of durable 13-gauge cut-resistant knit and are rated to CE 5 /ANSI 3 certifications for blades. Permaknit Cut Resistant Gloves give your fingers high-grade cut protection with soft, flexible comfort.

Never Pull a Punch When You’re Swinging Against the Cold

As you can tell by now, we’re pretty darn serious about keeping your hands protected. Shop our full selection of winter work gloves, including both men’s and women’s sizes, so you can give the cold a knockout punch.

No matter what you’re up against, RefrigiWear® has the options you need to keep your hands feeling warm and working hard.