Working on your feet all day is painful if you’re wearing the wrong work boots. And when your feet hurt, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. RefrigiWear® developed the VitaComfort® system to create the most comfortable work boots for men and women that work on their feet all day.

The Most Comfortable Work Boots Have VitaComfort®

Our exclusive VitaComfort® system provides relief from foot fatigue, pain and injury so you can stay on your feet all day and work in comfort until the job’s done. Insulated work boots with the VitaComfort® system take care of your feet so you can concentrate on more important things, like your work and your safety.

Anatomy of the Most Comfortable Work Boots

Leather work boots built on the VitaComfort® system are a treat for feet because of these 5 layers of comfort:


The most comfortable insulated work boots also deliver safety that makes you sure of every step. Leather work boots with VitaComfort® have a durable slip-resistant outsole with a streamlined athletic design. You can trust these boots to keep you safe from slips, trips and falls on the job.


VitaComfort® midsoles provides comfort and shock absorption to reduce foot, knee and back pain. In the most comfortable insulated work boots, the midsole is lightweight and offers superior support while absorbing the shock of every step you take on hard freezer floors or uneven outdoor job sites.

Comfort Gel

The most comfortable work boots have a gel layer that cushions your feet and wicks moisture away so your feet stay drier. In leather work boots with the VitaComfort® system, the comfort gel layer molds around your feet with a lightweight honeycomb design that pulls moisture away more effectively.

Premium Insole

Insulated work boots from RefrigiWear® come with premium insoles that add stability with cushioned arch support and materials that pull moisture away from your feet as you work. After all, nobody likes walking around with sweaty feet.

360 Degree Padding

The most comfortable work boots have a layer of comfortable padding to cushion the sides of the feet and ankles. Leather work boots built with the VitaComfort® system have 360 degrees of padding so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Step into Comfort

Kick cold to the curb and step into comfort! Shop the full collection of insulated work boots with the VitaComfort® system and find the most comfortable work boots for your job.