A great pair of insulated work boots is an investment in your performance on the job. You can get more mileage of your work boots by taking time to properly care for them. A few minutes spent cleaning and caring for your work boots will extend their life, helping you stay comfortable, safe and warm season after season.

Proper boot care is the key to leather work boots that last, so follow these simple tips to care for your boots:

Avoid Unnecessary Abuse

Kicking pallets or other objects wears down the outer material of the boot, shortening their life and ability to protect your feet.

Don’t Use Lace-Up Boots as Pull-On Boots

Insulated work boots with laces are not designed to be kicked off and pulled on with only a minor loosening of the laces. Take the time to significantly loosen the laces.

Clean Regularly

Dirt and chemicals can break down a boot’s outer material or sole. Brush off your work boots at the end of every day and clean with water and a cloth or boot brush at least once a week.

Store Properly

Don’t store leather work boots in sunlight or near heaters – that will dry them out. Make sure the storage area has good air circulation.

Use Conditioner and Waterproof Treatment

For insulated work boots with leather uppers, use a leather conditioner once a month. For waterproof work boots, apply a waterproof treatment after cleaning.

Replace Worn Insoles

The insole of your work boots wear out long before the rest of the boot. Replacing worn insoles enhances your comfort and extends the lift of your insulated work boot.

Consider Using More Than One Pair

Use two pairs of work boots and rotate use to give them time to recover. This extends the life of both pairs of work boots.

Get Durable, Long-Lasting Work Boots

It takes a little extra time to care for your insulated work boots, but that time means your boots will last for much longer. Just like the other tools you use to get the job done, your work boots need to be cared for properly in order to last.

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