Man works on a snowy construction site wearing Performance Gloves from RefrigIWear


Gloves are a must-have to protect your hands from cold temperatures but what makes performance gloves better than the rest? There are 3 big advantages that set performance gloves apart and mean your cold weather gear isn’t complete without a pair.

1. Dexterity

The dexterity of a glove plays a large role in how well you can handle objects or tools while wearing them. A glove that protects your hands from injury and cold isn’t enough if you can’t perform necessary tasks while wearing it.

Performance gloves are designed to fit your hands better without bulk, allowing you to handle objects or tools and can even have enhanced gripping features. A glove’s dexterity is determined by the flexibility of the material, how the material comes together at the joints and whether the glove is designed to fit your hand comfortably and ergonomically.

Some gloves do take time to break in, but in general, a good test of glove dexterity is to try them out with a smaller tool or pencil to see if you can work with it.

2. Durability

Your job is tough and you need gloves that don’t rip and tear after a handful of uses. Performance gloves are built with tough, long-lasting material that holds up to frequent abrasion. Impact protection in key areas – like palms, knuckles and fingers – plays an important role making sure your gloves last more than one season. With strong abrasion-resistant materials only covering the areas of the glove where you’ll need it, your hand is protected without limiting dexterity.

You can also expect other top-notch features in performance gloves, like reinforced areas that are prone to wear and tear, such as the thumb crotch or the palm. Many performance gloves also have coatings or dot grip features that can improve performance while also enhancing durability.

3. Insulation

Your cold weather gear isn’t doing its job if you can’t use it in the necessary temperatures, and that goes double for gloves.

Performance gloves designed for the cold have insulation that traps warm air to keep your hands warm, protecting you from the cold air and from cold transfer if you’re working with cold objects. Performance gloves often have built in insulation, but liners can also be used to boost warming power.

Seriously Hard Jobs Require Seriously Good Gloves

Just as there are different kinds of jobs and activities that require protection from the cold, there are many different performance gloves to fit your needs. Remember to consider the tasks you’ll be doing and what the conditions will be like as you decide which performance glove is the best fit.

For seriously hard work in the cold, you need seriously good gloves, so don’t settle for the ones you’ll replace five times over. Go for RefrigiWear® performance gloves the first time.