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Key-Rite Gloves

Patented Key-Rite Insulated Work Gloves

Some insulated work gloves make entering data using keypads or pressure-sensitive screens nearly impossible. RefrigWear freezer work gloves with our patented Key-Rite Nib makes it possible to use keypads and pressure-sensitive screens quickly and accurately.

How Do Key-Rite Nibs Work?

RefrigiWear installs Key-Rite Nibs in our U.S.-based distribution center, so you can choose which hand and finger (or fingers) you’d like the nib on. You’re a lefty who needs the Key-Rite Nib on the left index finger? Done. Have crew that uses full keyboards in the freezer that could use them on every finger? We can do that, too. Just contact RefrigiWear Customer Service for details.

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