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Masks and Balaclavas

Ski Masks and Balaclavas for Cold Weather

When you're working in the cold, you're nose-to-nose with the kind of weather that can literally freeze your face off. Make sure you can still feel your face (and ears and neck!) at the end of your shift with the warm protection of artic balaclavas, freezer wear face masks and insulated neck gaiters from RefrigiWear.

Complete Protection: Ski Masks and Gaiters for Work

In your face, cold. Freezing temperatures got nuthin' on you with our selection of breathable winter masks, neck gaiters and balaclavas.

Your nose and ears need to be protected just as much as your hands, feet and body do. Our balaclava masks offer full cold weather protection for your entire head, neck and face, so you aren't exposing yourself to the dangers of extreme temperatures.

Warm and Breathable Balaclava Face Masks

Several RefrigiWear balaclavas are convertible, making them so versatile that you can use them as a cap, gaiter or mask. With that kind of flexibility, you can easily catch your breath or let off some steam when you move between colder or warmer environments.

When the cold gets in your face, gear up and fight back with the warm, durable protection of balaclava ski masks, cold weather face masks and neck gaiters from RefrigiWear.

Ski Masks and Cold Weather Gear