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Insulated Working Boots for Men and Women

If your feet aren’t happy, ain’t no part of you happy. When you’re on your feet from dawn ‘til dusk, you can’t get the job done unless you’ve comfortable, durable leather working boots.

Non-Slip Freezer Work Boots

Work boots from any old store won't cut it if you’re working in the freezer or cold storage. Those box-store boots weren't designed for the extreme temps and conditions you work in. RefrigiWear freezer work boots men and women trust are purpose-built for your job. Durable RefrigiWear working boots for men and women stand up to repeated contact with stone-cold freezer floors without cracking because they’re equipped with specially designed outersoles that can handle rapid temperature changes as you move between wet and dry surfaces, as well as freezer, cooler and outdoor environments.

Men's Winter Work Boots

Working outside in cold weather requires winter work boots that are both comfortable and waterproof, and tough enough to help you kick through your daily grind. RefrigiWear delivers the warmest insulated work boots with protection ranging from subzero -60°F to milder 30°F temperatures. Our exclusive VitaComfort® System does more than just offer you extra cushioning for long shifts. It also provides moisture management, wicking sweat away from your feet so you don't get cold and uncomfortable.

BOA® Fit System Work Boots

Whether you need the ease and comfort of pull-on winter work boots or the all-day, no-slip fit of BOA® Fit System work boots, RefrigiWear has a boot fit for you. With a selection of heavy-duty pac boots, insulated hiker-style boots and lightweight safety sneakers, you’re sure to fit the perfect fit for your job.

Insulated Safety Toe Work Boots