Man restocks the refrigerated section of a grocery store while wearing  an insulated freezer suit.


Working in the grocery industry doesn't just mean wrangling carts and stocking cereal. It can also mean working in a cold warehouse, where freezer suits are the key to staying warm and productive for an entire shift.

Freezer suits offer full-body protection for working long hours in below-freezing temps. Without this essential cold weather protection, grocery stores could be putting both their employees and their companies at risk. Whether you're an employer considering freezer suits for your employees or a worker trying to stay warm on the job, here’s why freezer suits are essential your business:

Insulated Freezer Suits Increase Productivity

When you have people working in the cold without the proper gear, their productivity can drop along with their body temperature.

There are a few reasons performance drops due to the cold. First, your body works overtime to fight the cold and keep your critical organs warm. With all that energy being used, you tire easily and feel sluggish. And all that energy going toward maintaining body heat means less energy for important things like concentration and critical thinking.

Another reason for the dip in productivity is that working the cold is just plain uncomfortable. When you are focused on feeling uncomfortable, you are distracted from the job at hand, and that can lead to lower productivity and an increased risk for mistakes or injuries.

Insulated Freezer Suits Prevent Cold-Related Illness

Working in year-round cold environments such as freezers, refrigerated facilities and cold storage warehouses can put workers at risk of cold-related illnesses and cold stress.

Hypothermia is one of the most common cold-related illnesses and it affects workers when their body temperature drops from 98.6°F to 95°F. Hypothermia can occur even at relatively cool temperatures (above 40°F). You're especially at-risk if you've been exposed to rain, snow or sweat, which can significantly lower body temperature.

A quality freezer suit that is both water-repellent and wind-tight can prevent hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses.

Insulated Freezer Suits Provide Full-Body Protection

Insulated freezer suits offer protection from head to ankle. By minimizing breaks between garments, body heat is trapped continuously for more warmth. The addition of a hood provides maximum warmth and protection for your head.

Many full-body freezer suits are designed for walk-in freezers or for outdoor use in subzero temperatures. Using high-quality materials, freezer suits are constructed with insulated thermal fabrics that can keep employees safe and warm in the coldest, harshest environments.

Proper PPE Reduces Accidents and Increases Job Satisfaction

Cold employees can be sluggish and clumsy, meaning more chances for accidents at work. In addition to putting their own safety at risk, employees exposed to cold conditions without proper protection could endanger those around them, as well.

Providing protective cold weather gear, such as a freezer suit, can not only improve safety at work, it can also increase employee happiness and satisfaction. The grocery industry already has a high turnover rate, making it difficult for retailers to hold on to good employees. While outfitting frozen storage employees with the proper gear isn't going to magically induce loyalty in employees, it can greatly increase their comfort level and satisfaction on the job.

Insulated Freezer Suits Can Save Lives

Modern walk-in freezers and cold storage warehouses are built with safety releases on the doors to ensure that employees can always get out in case of accidental entrapment. However, there is always the risk of the safety release failing, leaving the employee trapped inside a freezer. Although the risk is small, it can have deadly consequences for workers and their employers. Gearing up in a freezer suit takes only minutes and the extra protection can be a life saver.

Tips for Choosing the Best Freezer Suit

What should you look for in a freezer suit? Here are a few things to look for in a quality freezer suit:


Be sure to carefully check the insulation before you purchase a freezer suit. The weight of the insulation will give a good indication of how much warmth the suit will provide.

Knee Patches

Many workers in the grocery industry frequently find themselves on their knees while they stock shelves or fetch items from storage. Knee patches that are built into the suit can provide durability for the suit, as well as additional comfort while they work.

Water Resistance

A wet and cold environment can cause hypothermia and be extremely deadly. Freezer suits with a water-repellent, wind-tight finish can keep out the chill from condensation when moving between temperatures.

Abrasion Resistance

A rugged freezer suit with a tough nylon outer shell guards against tears or scratches when brushing against cold storage machinery, meaning more durability and a longer useful life for your suit.

Freezer Suit Accessories

Don't forget to provide employees with cold weather accessories such as base layers, freezer boots, gloves, and knit caps to protect areas not covered by the freezer suit. RefrigiWear® offers a wide range of cold weather accessories and apparel for grocery industry employees to keep them warm and productive.

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