Snowmobiling is a lot of fun, but if you aren’t dressed properly the weather can make it miserable real quick.

Your Perfect Cold Weather Snowmobile Suit

Before you hit the powder, make sure you have the best cold weather gear for the conditions you are heading out in. Doesn’t matter if you’re new to snowmobiling or a pro looking to improve your comfort, these tips will help you stay warm head-to-toe.

Staying Warm Takes Layers

When building something great, always start with the foundation. That’s true of cold weather gear, as well. You want base layers that wick moisture and don’t restrict movement. Avoid cotton for these layers, as moisture clings to cotton and will keep you wet and cold.

RefrigiWear® offers both lightweight and heavyweight base layers that provide a solid foundation for your protection against the cold.

Suit Up Against Wind and Wet

Outer layers are the first line of defense against whatever Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are hurling at you. You create your own wind-chill just being on the snowmobile, if you throw in more wind or a snowfall on top of that? It gets downright frigid.

You need top-to-bottom coverage. Your best bet? A one-piece snowmobile suit.

Insulated coveralls offer complete body protection including windproof and water-repellent features. Our Iron-Tuff® Coveralls with Hood not only protect your core, arms and legs, but the hood can be drawn around your helmet for additional warmth and protection against the elements.

Prefer a little more core protection and the ability to adjust your protection? Pair a set of bib overalls with a jacket to get full body protection and create your own snowmobile suit.

Something lightweight like our Frostline® Collection keeps you warm without weighing you down. Our Insulated Softshell Jacket and Bib Overalls keep you protected down to -20°F – there are even Enhanced Visibility and HiVis versions to keep you safe in rough conditions.

Our PolarForce® Parkas for men and women not only offer extended length for more coverage, the detachable hood has a removable fur trim. The fur trim is designed to fight wind and give extra protection to your face. Pair your parka with the PolarForce® Bib Overalls or PolarForce® Pants for a snowmobile suit that will keep you warm in temps down to -40°F.

Heading out in wet subzero conditions? Rely on the ErgoForce® Jacket and Bib Overalls. With a comfort rating of -30°F (yes, NEGATIVE THIRTY, you read that right), a completely waterproof outershell and heavy-duty abrasion-resistant fabric that won’t snag or tear when passing through branches. ErgoForce® is a powerhouse of outdoor protection. The jacket has 9 pockets too, so keeping personal items close is easy.

Head, Hands and Feet

No snowmobile suit is complete without cold weather gear to protect your face, hands and feet.

A full face mask or balaclava keeps you warm and protects your skin from the wind and elements. Our Extreme Dual-Layer Clava is form fitting and extra warm.

For feet, skip the cotton socks from the box stores. You need socks that keep you warm in the coldest conditions, fight moisture and won’t fall apart with rugged use. Our Extreme Socks are made of a blend of Merino wool, acrylic and spandex.

Waterproof gloves are also an important piece of protection when snowmobiling. Our Frostline® Gloves and Dipped Cowhide Leather Mitt are both tough, rated to -25°F and offer protection against the wet.

When you’re heading out on your snowmobile, make sure you have the right cold weather gear because the right snowmobile suit can make the difference between a miserable ride and a good day in the snow.