Person dressed in insulated jacket and pants wears wool glove liners inside a refrigerated warehouse.


You’ve already got a favorite pair of work gloves, so why should you add a glove liner? Can glove liners really do anything to make your work gloves feel warmer? Do glove liners do a better job of protecting your hands from injury?

Glove liners are a simple idea with a ton of great uses. They’re thinner, lighter gloves that you can slip inside a pair of larger or more insulated gloves for better protection and warmth. Some glove liners have additional features that can also help improve your performance and overall work efficiency.

Whatever you need from your gloves, a great pair of glove liners can help you get it.

Added Protection from the Cold

Glove liners are great for areas where fully insulated work gloves are too warm for work during the day but are still necessary in the morning and evening. Thin work glove liners are easy to slip into your work gloves for extra warmth. Then, just slip them back out when the temperature rises, and you’re good to go again.

Glove liners help your insulated work gloves keep your hands warmer, reducing the risk of injury and increasing your comfort level.

Added Protection from Injury

Your hands are your most important tools, right? Some sources say that about 2% of all on-the-job accidents involve a worker’s hands. If your hands are injured, you’re facing serious problems like a loss of personal mobility, loss of independence or loss of income.

Glove liners add a layer of protection from the cold, but they can also guard against abrasion from repetitive motion and some liners can also guard against cuts from blades or other sharp objects.

Add Helpful Features to Standard Work Gloves

Depending on the materials and construction, glove liners can add helpful features to your regular work gloves. For example, moisture wicking fabrics can help your glove liner draw sweat away from your skin, so you don’t have to deal with clammy hands while you work.

Other thin work glove liners offer specially designed finger pads for operating touchscreen devices. These are especially useful when layered under fingerless gloves or convertible mitts, so you don’t have to expose your fingers to the cold to operate your device or waste time pulling your gloves on and off.

Some glove liners offer cut resistance, keeping your hands protected from accidental injury from blades, tools and other sharp objects.

What Glove Liner Is Right for You?

If you’re thinking that a good pair of glove liners would help you get the job done, you’ve come to the right place. RefrigiWear® offers several durable and comfortable thin work glove liners in a variety of materials so you can choose the right glove for the job at hand.

Remember, most glove liners are sold by the dozen. Pick up a couple of pairs for yourself and pass the rest around!

Wool Glove Liners from RefrigiWear® are a classic option. When you put them on, you’ll see why! No other natural material can compete with wool for warmth and comfort. Their Ragg wool/nylon blend is the gold standard for cozy but flexible insulation, and the extended knit wrists help you cover up the gaps between your gloves and your sleeves.

Stretch Wool Glove Liners use a wool-synthetic blend to make a stretchier, more flexible glove that’s perfect for detail work. They slide right into most sizes of work gloves and stretch to fit your hands, making them one of our most comfortable options.

For serious cold, you need serious liners like the Heavyweight Knit Glove Liners. These brushed terry liners give you the warmth you need and they fit well under several different kinds of hand protection, including leather work gloves and insulated mittens.

Permaknit Cut Resistant Glove Liners are ideal for food service, livestock processing and other jobs that use sharp objects in cold temperatures. These gloves are created with a cut-resistant 13-gauge knit, making them ANSI certified to give you great protection against blades and FDA compliant for food safety.

Your gloves don’t do you much good if you’re taking them off all the time. Conductive threads on the fingertips of touchscreen-friendly glove liners from RefrigiWear® are perfect for adding touchscreen capabilities to fingerless gloves, convertible mitts, or insulated work gloves.

Give Your Work Gloves a Hand

A barrier against the cold, liners are like layers – they can be used in many ways. You can wear liners by themselves when working in mild temps and to protect the skin against abrasion. Wear glove liners as an added boost of warmth and padding under other gloves when you just need a little extra comfort and warmth. You can add them to fingerless gloves for an added boost in touchscreen functionality.

Find your perfect glove liner from RefrigiWear® and give cold the finger.