When you’re in a tough, physical, outdoor industry like landscaping, having the best work boots is much more than a work essential—it’s something that can make or break your day. When you can trust your boots to stand up to wet weather, cold temperatures, machinery hazards and all the wear and tear you throw at them, you know you can focus on the work instead of your feet.

If your landscaping business operates year-round, no matter the weather, look for these 5 features to make sure you get the best work boots for landscaping.

Outsole Grip

Work boots with a rugged outsole grip are a safety essential for almost any physical outdoor job. Anti-slip outsoles help prevent potentially devastating slip-and-fall accidents in wet and icy conditions. Plus, better traction is a big help on uphill climbs and on soggy terrain.


Working with wet feet all day isn’t just miserable, it’s dangerous. You don’t have time to change your boots throughout the day if they get wet. That means that you need fully waterproof work boots you can rely on to keep your feet dry all day long.


If you’re working year-round in landscaping, you need warm work boots for the winter months. Boots without insulation won’t keep you warm when you’re spending 8 – 12 hours out in the cold each day. Add a pair of thermal socks to your leather work boots for even more warmth.

Durable Construction

The best work boots for landscaping are a professional investment. So, naturally, you want the most bang for your buck. Choose leather work boots designed to take a beating that are meant to be used in your tough working conditions.

Comfort Features

In the landscaping business, you’re likely on your feet for hours at a time, working hard and moving around a lot. And if your feet are uncomfortable, that will take away your focus. The best work boots for landscaping have added support, moisture control and injury-prevention features.

Tough and Comfortable: Best Boots for Landscaping

At RefrigiWear®, our footwear solutions sit smack at the intersection of durability and comfort. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other, and we build our waterproof work boots accordingly.

Tungsten Hiker Boot

Say goodbye to foot fatigue with this durable and lightweight boot. The Tungsten Hiker Boot features a shock absorbing midsole, slip resistant outersole, composite toe and ankle height to provide ultimate foot protection. What really elevates this boot is the added 600g insulation to keep your feet warm in -20°F to 20°F temperatures.

Crossover Hiker Boot

The Crossover Hiker Boot is built to meet a wide range of needs in temperatures that hover around or above freezing. It’s lightweight, safe and easy to get on and off. Added features include the RefrigiWear® VitaComfort® moisture management technology, a Vibram® Q765 dual density with Ice Trek® outsole and high-visibility reflective trim for added safety.

PolarForce® Max Boot

If you work in a region where winter lasts from October to April, you need maximum protection. PolarForce® Max work boots feature a double dose of warmth with industrial-grade insulation and Dri-Blaze® lining, plus our own VitaComfort® moisture management technology. It’s also lighter than most work boots for greater on-the-job comfort.

Happy Feet

If your feet aren’t happy, ain’t no part of you happy. We’ve got nearly 70 years of experience keeping people warm in the coldest conditions and we know how important staying comfortable on your feet all day is. That’s why we build the best boots for landscaping in a range of temperatures and conditions, so you can pick the toughest boot to help you handle tough days on the job.