If your feet aren’t happy, ain’t no part of you happy. We know how important staying comfortable on your feet all day is. That’s why we have boots made for a range of temperatures and conditions, so you can pick the right boot for the job. Our exclusive VitaComfort® System does more than just offer you extra cushioning for long shifts. It also provides moisture management, wicking sweat away from your feet so you don't get cold and uncomfortable. When you work in cold conditions, work boots from any old store won't cut it. They weren't designed for the extreme temps and conditions you work in. Ours were. Our outersoles are specially designed to handle changing temperatures as you move from dry to freezer to outdoors and back again. They handle the contact with the cold ground without cracking. With boots perfect for when temps hover around freezing all the way down to -60°F and lower, you'll find the perfect pair of non-slip boots with RefrigiWear.