The cold better watch out because nothing holds master woodworker Linn back from her workshop. Linn took her cold weather gear from RefrigiWear® out for a spin in this video tutorial with FREE plans for a DIY fold-up desk.

Check out the video and then take a look at her 10 RefrigiWear® must-haves for head-to-toe warmth below!

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Women's Extreme Sweater Jacket

Linn’s go-to jacket. The Women's Extreme Sweater Jacket is stylish enough for date night, strong enough to keep her warm while she tackles projects in her workshop, making it one of the most versatile options for women’s cold weather gear. It stands up to nasty elements with a tough, wind-tight and water-repellent finish. Inside’s nothing but comfort with a soft and warm microfleece lining designed to keep Linn moving in temps down to 10°F.

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Women’s Pure-Soft Puffer Jacket

There’s no question about it. This jacket is our softest jacket ever. The Pure-Soft Puffer Jacket is pure comfort with heavy hitting warmth down to 10°F. Stylish and functional with pockets to carry around the small tools Linn needs on hand and a snap-on hood to give her extra protection when she needs it.

Women’s Hybrid Fleece Jacket

This tough fleece gets the job done, day after day. With a comfort rating down to 20°F, Linn stays warm in the Women’s Hybrid Fleece Jacket whether she’s outside dealing with Mother Nature’s worst or inside battling an aggressive air conditioner.

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Heavyweight Flex-Wear Top

When Linn needs lightweight protection that still packs a warm punch, the Heavyweight Flex-Wear Top does the job. This top keeps her moving with a flex material that doesn’t hold her back from stretching and bending. It even provides additional protection when used as a base-layer under a heavier jacket.

Cooler Wear™ Vest

Linn doesn’t sacrifice mobility for comfort. Movement is key when she is making precision cuts or piecing together her latest creation. She uses the Cooler Wear™ Vest to protect her core in temps as low as 10°F and for the freedom to reach, bend and stretch without that annoying tug.

Women’s Insulated Softshell Bib Overalls

Whether she’s doing chilly yard work or spending quality time with her furry best bud, Linn doesn’t worry about getting dirty. The Women's Insulated Softshell Bib Overalls are tough enough for whatever job she’s doing with serious protection from wind, water and cold temps down to -20°F. 

Women's Iron-Tuff® Bib Overalls

When Linn needs heavy-duty protection but wants the option to layer, she looks to our Women's Iron-Tuff® Bib Overalls to keep her warm in -50°F conditions. With a high front bib, she gets core protection and the flexibility to pair them with a sweatshirt or fleece jacket for more upper body mobility, making it easier to go from inside the workshop to outside in the blistering cold. 

Iron-Tuff® Coveralls

Nothing gives Linn all-over warmth and protection in one tough garment like the Iron-Tuff® Coveralls. Warm enough to withstand -50°F conditions and strong enough to take on her excited golden retriever, these coveralls set the standard for comfort and durability.

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Ice Logger™ Boot

If your feet ain’t happy, nothing’s happy. Linn keeps her feet warm, even in the snow, in our Ice Logger™ work boots, with a comfort rating down to -15°F. These boots were built for heavy-duty comfort and safety in the toughest job, from construction sites to DIY workshops.

Head and Hands

Topping off her head-to-toe protection, Linn uses a RefrigiWear® Wool Blend Watch Cap with a built-in moisture-wicking liner to stay warm and dry.

Her hands are her most important tools, so Linn protects them with gloves that keep her hands warm without sacrificing dexterity. She uses our Women’s Insulated Softshell Glove to get it done.