From agriculture to fighting fires in subzero temps, Randy’s one tough guy. Here’s his story.

Imagine: it’s an icy -10°F in Minnesota but with windchill factored in, you’re talking cold down to -30°F. Working in those kinds of conditions calls for brute strength, determination and unshakable grit.

Enter Randy Nessman: fireman, farmer, podcaster and master pipe layer. So how did this all-American guy get where he is today?

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“Yeah, it’s a mess out here but it beats working in the office.” Randy manages a drain tile company in the agriculture industry. After working in dairy farming, custom harvesting, spraying, fertilizing and even building grain handling equipment, Randy’s no stranger to tough jobs.

“I love working outdoors. We do a variety of jobs throughout the year.” Be it rain, snow or biting cold, he’s out there getting it done. “There’s always something new to do, a new challenge to take on. Add in the weather and it’s like a battlefield but we’re hearty, we can take it.”

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He's putting out fires on the clock and off, literally. At 19 years old, he joined the fire department. "We have a good group of fire fighters," Randy said. "We work well as a team." Giving back to his community is second nature to Randy. Some days he's fighting fire in below zero weather and on others he’s helping to build an ice rink. Going on 12 years as a training officer with the fire department, he’s proud to protect his neighbors when duty calls.

With boatloads of experience in the industry, Randy co-hosts "Off The Husk", a podcast with a mission to become a national voice for agriculture, provide farmer to farmer education and facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public. Informative and often hilarious, the show discusses everything from farming, machinery and agriculture to hops and manure.

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When he’s not working, he spends time with his lovely wife and two boys, ages 9 and 12. “We spend a lot of weekends camping and on the lakes with friends and family. In the winter we do a fair amount of down-hill skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing.”


What does Randy love most about the winter? No more mud! “When your job is digging day in and day out, working in the trenches, sloshing through the mud all day gets old fast. I come home pulling mud out of my clothes, ears – it’s just everywhere and on everything. Not to mention the toll it takes on the equipment.” 


Sure, there’s less mud but winter makes for cold ground and rough jobs all around for Randy and his team. They trust RefrigiWear to have their backs when the temps go south. “This gear is easy to move in. It keeps us warm and stands up to tough conditions.” Randy’s go-to jacket is the Two-Tone HiVis Insulated Jacket that provides enhanced visibility on the shoulders and keeps him warm down to -20°F. 

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