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Iron-Tuff Collection

Warm. Tough. Iconic. Tough it out with Iron-Tuff, the original way to master the cold with RefrigiWear. With our iconic Iron-Tuff line you can outlast the cold to get the job done. It started with our -50°F Freezer Suit and we've only gotten better from there. When you need insulated coveralls for subzero temperatures, nothing is better than Iron-Tuff®. Iron-Tuff jackets have been handed down from father to son for decades, because ya, they last that long. From the constant chill of ice fishing to long shifts in a freezer or braving arctic-like outdoor weather, Iron-Tuff helps you tough it out. Old Man Winter will get tired long before you get cold. With jackets, bibs, coveralls, gloves and more, you'll find the right gear in the Iron-Tuff Collection. Trust us - we've been making Iron-Tuff for over 65 years.