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70 Years of Warmth.

70th Anniversary Collection

Hard at Work Since 1954

RefrigiWear founder Myron Breakstone was tough. The work he did for the Breakstone family dairy was tougher… and colder.

But when he shipped off to load bombers in WWII with just a military-issue wool coat, the frigid winters of northern Italy taught him just how dangerous and miserable working in the cold can be.

Myron came home from the war with a new mission: keep working people warm.

Seventy years later, we’re still carrying on with Myron’s mission. You can count on RefrigiWear insulated workwear to help you Own the Extreme™.

Warm, Durable, Reliable: 70th Anniversary Collection

Influenced by decades of design testing and validated by your 5-star reviews, the 70th Anniversary Collection includes our most popular insulated gear for people working in cold storage, food processing, construction, utilities and transportation.