Tougher than everything so you can do anything, our Men's Jackets come in a range of comfort ratings. From mild temps down to -60°F, our jackets let you get the job done no matter what Mother Nature is throwing your way. Whether you are working in a freezer year round or dealing with winter construction, landscaping, agriculture or other outdoor work, RefrigiWear's cold weather work gear is just as tough as you - because we know it needs to handle the long, hard days year after year. Whether you need a jacket to brave the arctic or are just dealing with the chill of Fall, we've got the cold weather clothing you need. We've been making jackets since 1954, and we've spent decades perfecting cold protection. From the lightweight style of our Quilted Jackets and the safety of our high-visibility jackets to the ultimate protection of our Extreme Jackets, you can trust RefrigiWear to have your back in the cold.