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Thought you guys might appreciate this.  I just spent two weeks in Antarctica.  My headwear of choice, the 0042 Knit Thermal Mask.  My gloves, the 0504 Softshell Convertible Mitt.  The convertible gloves were a great choice because I was able to use my camera pretty effectively the entire time.  

Antarctica was, as you might expect, cold as hell-- I was warm and toasty the entire time.  You guys make a great product. 

​Dave P., Gearheart Industry, LLC

I ordered the Extreme Softshell Jacket and Extreme softshell bib, I have to say these items are the warmest cold weather gear I have owned to date. I live in Toronto Canada, we can have some cold weather here and bought these mainly for when I snow blow my driveway and any outdoor fun time with the kids....I feel no cold at all when I wear these items, VERY well done. Highly recommend this gear to anyone who wants to stay super warm.

​Jay C.

Can't say enough about the quality and performance of the cold weather gear that I purchased for me and my son. Attended a football game in sub-zero temperature, and we were warm as toast, head to toe. Got the Extreme Freezer boots, soft shell insulated pants, Iron Tuff jacket, Extreme Freezer gloves, socks and bomber hat. Everyone around us wanted to know where we got such great gear. Extremely satisfied. Best cold weather gear that I've ever owned!

​Joe R.

While I live in Atlanta, I travel to Minneapolis, which is our HQ office, nearly every week. As you can imagine, it's ridiculously cold. So, the long and short of it is I showed up @ our 500+ person office in my Refrigiwear coat several weeks ago and now your company is the "talk of the town" with our teams. People couldn't get over the quality, style and the comfort levels and then when they saw the prices, they were shocked. You should look for new orders online starting to come from Minneapolis ;). 

Bob M.

My Dad bought me a jackoat when I was in high school, about 1967 or '68.  Served me well for many decades, but was looking pretty shabby a few years ago, and the zipper had long ago given up.  I decided to replace it but I had no idea who had made the thing or what size it was because all identifying labels were missing or unreadable. After much internet searching, I solved the mystery, and ordered a new one.

Thought you might enjoy the photo : )

Mike S., Wildlife Biologist, Retired

This purchase is one of my highlights. Rugged, tripple warm and extremely functional. Beyond pleased and I'm now an advocate for Refrigiwear. Amazing quality, oldworld precision tailoring. 👋👋👋 #applause

Update: After dealing with Siberian cold in NYC last week while working outdoors by the water this jacket is warmer than coats several hundred dollars more expensive. Wish they had these for kids!!! #kingofthehill #carhartkiller

Gio, Amazon Customer